No Wagering No Deposit Bonus Incentives for New Players No Deposit No Wagering Bonus

Any online casino is going to utilize bonuses to help entice new players and keep veteran players from straying. Where most casinos vary is in the types of bonuses they're willing to offer. While most establishments stick with pretty standard match bonus offers with strict wagering requirements, a few casinos have taken to offering the elusive no wagering no depositoffer, oftentimes without the necessity of a bonus voucher. These free money bonuses are low-risk and simple to claim. They also allow users to engage in gameplay for free without risking their own cash.

As the name implies, a no wagering no deposit bonus is free from wagering or rollover requirements. They also do not require an initial deposit in order to get started. In fact, the casino will grant bonus codes that can be redeemed for no deposit cash. Sometimes these offers are as low as $5, other times they can go as high as $100. Since gamblers want free money and to be free from restrictive requirements, no wagering no deposit bonuses are like the holy grail of promotions.

Below, we'll outline the ins and outs of these offers, how they can be used with or without a bonus voucher, and whether they're really worth your time.

What Are No Wagering No Deposit Offers

As mentioned above, no wagering no deposit offers are every player's dream. If you're new to online casinos or gambling, you might not know exactly what these offers entail. Let's start with the basics. A no deposit bonus is an offer granted by the casino. Rather than having to deposit your own funds into the casino account, the casino will hand over a certain amount of money to get you started. This can be anywhere from $5 to $100 depending on the casino. Sometimes you will need a bonus code to redeem, other times it will be automatically deposited upon signup. Generally, no deposit bonuses come as a welcome offer of sorts when you first sign up on a site.

A no wagering offer is simply a no deposit bonus code without wagering requirements. It is the pinnacle of everything a player could want in a bonus, which is why these aren't very common. Bonuses with wagering requirements place strict stipulations on withdrawing winnings, how your bonus is used, and how many times you must bet before you can cash out. Oftentimes, wagering requirements also place egregious caps on how much money you can earn from your bonus offer. For example, if the cap on winnings is $300 and you earn $400, the casino will automatically keep the extra $100. Not ideal.

With a no wagering offer, you're free from depositing and all those restrictions. While there might still be some playthrough requirements in place, you are not burdened by the very strict wagering requirements many bonus offers can bring to the table. Of course, there may still be requirements in place in regards to when you can use your bonus. For example, most want you to use your bonus within a few days. Generally, the longest amount of time you'll have to use these offers is about a week. No Deposit Bonus

Playthrough Requirements

Playthrough requirements, also known as wagering requirements, are the thorn in the side of far too many online gamblers. Unfortunately, it is something that nearly every gambling fanatic will need to grow accustomed to dealing with. Playthrough requirements exist as a way to avoid abuse of bonus offers. Without these requirements, some sites noticed that players were taking their no wagering no deposit bonus offer and cashing out without ever actually playing a game. That's bad for business.

To regulate, many online casinos placed playthrough requirements upon all bonus code and bonus voucher offers. Others stopped issuing these bonuses altogether. Even those that do still offer this bonus code, will have some fine print in her terms and conditions regarding playthrough. What do these requirements entail? With a wager bonus, players have to bet the amount of the bonus or deposit a given number of times before they can cash out any bonus money. So when you see a requirement of 20x, a player must play the bonus 20x before cashing out.

No wagering no deposit bonuses will often be free from these types of requirements, but you may notice that there are stipulations on how the money can be used. For the most part, casinos that issue these bonus codes do not place a stipulation on a specific number of times you must play nor will there be constraints on how you can withdraw winnings. You have no real obligation to risk losing your bonus winnings by playing through too many times.

Claiming No Deposit Offers

For the most part, you're going to claim a no wagering no deposit offer in the same way you'd claim any casino bonus, including match bonuses, free spins, and other types of bonuses. The only real caveat is that with some bonus offers you will need to enter a bonus voucher or bonus code. This will activate your offer and allow you to make your no deposit bonus. However, some casinos will only ask you to sign up and verify your account. The offer will automatically be added to your casino account. On very rare occasions, you may need to contact customer service and request a bonus code.

As soon as you receive your no wagering no deposit bonus, you'll notice that you're offered clean free money with no strings attached. Not only can you cash out your bonus code offer with whatever withdrawal method you see fit, but you have the option to decide on how you'd like to spend your bonus voucher winnings. Obviously, this is ideal for players who want a quality bonus without all of the requirements and limitations that some establishments can boast.

No Deposit

Finding Promos

Casino bonuses come in different forms. A no wagering no deposit bonus typically arrives in the form of a welcome offer. Generally, you'll be granted this bonus voucher offer in the form of a bonus code as soon as you sign up for your account. The only limitation will be that you'll have to utilize your bonus funds within a certain time frame. You can also be granted this type of bonus as a part of a tournament promotion or if you're invited by the casino based on your participation in various games in the casino.

In order to find your no wagering no deposit bonus or bonus codes in the first place, you're probably going to have to do your research. Since this type of bonus is quite rare, you'll probably need to do some searching on various sites and forums to find casino guides. You can also use bonus track sites that can help you to keep tabs on which casinos are offering bonus vouchers or bonuses that week.

Choosing The Right Offer

Choosing the right bonus for your needs depends on what types of games you most like to play at the casino. It also depends on whether or not you've played at that particular casino before or if you're a new player. For example, no deposit bonuses are great for new players who have never spent time on a particular site. This is a risk-free way to partake to get a feel for a certain site without losing your own funds.

However, if you're not as concerned with trying out a site and just want to win big on some jackpot games, you'll want to find a no wagering no deposit free spins bonus. This will grant you free spins to use on slot machines and video machines. They're a great way to win fast and get bigger jackpots than simply playing with your own dough. Many people have found success using bonuses on slot machines, just make sure a particular site does not have stringent playthrough requirements when it comes to slot play. No Deposit Casinos


At the end of the day, you can find a myriad of bonus code options at any casino you choose to play at. Whether these come in the form of a bonus code or a welcome offer, there's no shortage of promotions. Of course, if you can find a no wagering no deposit bonus from a reputable site jump on it and fully take advantage of your luck. Since these bonus code offers are quite rare, they don't come around often.